Oh what can I say, she truly was one of a kind. Until the very end she was going stronger and faster than rest of my pack all together ;-). Sadly she passed away just before her 12th birthday. One minute she was here jumping, running, swimming and taking part in everything and next minute she was gone. We miss her so much…

She was crazy, but also genius. Workaholic and superstar in everything she did. She is the dog that wants to fulfill your every wish and seems to be reading your mind when she works for you.

Unfortunately she injured her leg badly in the forest when she was young which affected her whole  carrier. We trained and competed in obedience, tracking and agility as much it was possible with her injured leg. She ended up being a Finish, Swedish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion in obedience. She is also only one leg apart from being an agility and tracking champion too. But because her health is more important than any competitions or champion titles she retired from active training because of her injured leg before we finished her last titles.

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  • A-A hips, 0-0 elbows, back and knees
  • eyes ok and CEA DNA-normal
  • Born: 21.7.2004-25.6.2016
  • Reg: ER 40239/04
  • Dam: POHJ TVA S & FIN & DK TVA Brains Hyasinth Velho
  • Breeder: Riitta ja Pekka Jantunen-Korri, kennel Tending
  • Owner: Mila Oravecz