FI AgCh & Jump Ch, SE AgCh & JumpCh, PPR1, PAIM1 Saunajaakon Smooth Criminal




Uni, my very unique girl.

Uni is my own breeding, daughter of Vuk. When she was little she refused to work with anyone or anything. She was very independent and really challenging to train because of it. She was also quite challenging in everyday life too as she didn´t need me for anything. She didn´t missbehave, but she lived her own life and did what she pleased.

Today she  is one of the best dogs I have ever worked with. In agility she turned out to be a natural talent.When Uni was just two years old she was selected to Finish national team in agility for WC and NC. Unfortunately this was year 2013 when the World Championships where held in South Afrika, so we didn´t take part to WC. We did compete in Nordic Championships and won gold in the team competition.At the age of three Uni was selected to Finish European Open -team and we got to compete in Slovakia EO. This year Uni was 10th in national team qualifications. Uni also has several wins in big competitions in Finland.


At she home she is very cuddly and loves to lay in your lap like small dogs. She loooves familiar people and dogs, but hates strange dogs. When she works she is brilliant, genius and independent. She is very talented and concentrated dog in tracking, learns obedience and tricks very fast and loves to do anything with you, but these are only occasional hobbyes for us. Beside agility Uni  also works our sheep at home. She is not the strongest herding dog, but we get the jobs done at home and thats enough for me.

  • A-A hips, 0-0 elbows, back and knees
  • CEA dna normal
  • Born: 31.3.2011
  • Reg: ER33539/11/
  • Sire: GK VALLH PR Seemework Key
  • Dam: FI, SE, NO POHJ TVA, JK3, BH Tending Cantrip
  • Breeder: Mila Oravecz
  • Owner: Mila Oravecz