Cass & Treg

PPR1, Paim1, Paim2 Fyrh´s Cass & PPR1, Paim1 Kemi Treg

Cass and Treg´s puppyproject was carried out together with Cass´s owner Anne Talasmäki.  Puppies where born 14.6.2019 due to a very easy and natural delivery. Mating was almost a repetition of Cass´s last litter two year ago with Treg´s brother Rhemy.

Both parents are working with sheep and they compete in SPKY class 2. Cass has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows. Cass is also genetically clear of all diseases dna tested in bordercollies. Treg has A-A hips and  0-0 elbows.

Saunajaakon Juniper “Sauli”

Sauli is a rough coated tricolor male, owned by Marianne Punkki from Kuopio.

Sauli will do herding, tracking and obedience.

Normal testicles.

Saunajaakon Rowan “Epic”

Epic is a smooth tricolor male, owned by Anne Talasmäki from Juemesniemi.

Epic stayed home with mother Cass and will work with sheep in the future.

Normal testicles.

Saunajaakon Maple “Cookie”

Cookie is a smooth tricolor bitch owned by Outi Kaikkonen from Kuopio.

Cookie´s future plans include herding, agility and obedience.

Saunajaakon Pine “Ruu”

Ruu is a smooth tricolor bitch owned by Peppi Laine from Salo.

Peppi has sheep farm with 200 ewes and Ruu will hopefully be her new working and trialing dog.

Saunajaakon Willow “Blink”

Blink is a smooth tricolor bitch, owned by Tornio customs district.

Blink is going to work at Tornio customs as a drug sniffer dog with his handler Mika Halvari.