Kikka & Into

Ob1 Päkäpaimenen Kikka Kolmonen & FI AgCh Saunajaakon Breakthru



This litter was produced in co-operation with Kikka´s owner Laura and Breeder Miikku.

Kikka´s puppies wher on April Fool´s day 1.4.2017 due to a natural birth. Three males and two females. All males had their testicles down at the age of five weeks and the whole litter was vet checked healthy before the pups left to their new homes.

Into has B-B hips, 0-0 elbows, healthy shoulders and back (unofficially). Into is genetested CL and TNS healthy, but he is CEA carrier.

Kikka has A-A hips, 0-0 elbows and knees, healthy shoulders and back ( LTV0, VA0) and healthy eyes (deficient opening in lacrimal duck in right eye). Kikka is DNA clear for IGS and CEA.

Into in WC qualifications 2016

Kikka in trainings


Saunajaakon Prank “Jymy”

Male, smooth black and white.

Owner: Veijo Koistinen

Saunajaakon Hoax “Polar”

Male, rough tricolor.

Owner: Maiju Korhonen

Saunajaakon Joke “Wertti”

Male, rough black and white.

Owner: Virva Nousiainen-Hiiri

Saunajaakon Trick “Savu”

Bitch, rough tricolor.

Owner: Anna-Maija Saharanta

Saunajaakon Bluff  “Hupi”

Bitch, smooth black and white.

Owner: Marjo Korander-Taavitsainen