Liina & Kyz

Garth Fire & Kitacan´s Kyz



Liina´s litter was born on 3.1.2017. Four boys and two girls where born quicly and smothly. All the six of them are black and white, rough coated and dark faced cute little creatures :-).

This puppyproject was done together with Liina´s owner Terhi Leonsaari and her family

All four boys had their testicles down at the age of five weeks and the whole litter was perfectly healty in vet check before leaving to their new homes. 

Liina has A-A hips, 0-0  elbows and healthy back SP0 LTV0.  Liina is genetically: CEA carrier.

Kyz has A-A Hips, 0-0 shoulders and 0-0 elbows. Kyz is genetically healthy: CEA, TNS, CL, PRA, MDR1.


Saunajaakon Fireproof “Raimo”


Owner: Josefiina Sipilä

Saunajaakon Bonfire “Siim”


Owner: Markus Turunen

Saunajaakon Light my Fire “Tempo”


Owner: Jenni Normala

Saunajaakon Playing With Fire “Nox”


Owner: Tiina Heinonen

Saunajaakon Like Fire “Lilli”


Owner: Terhi Leonsaari

Saunajaakon Firebird “Oili”


Owner: Laura Isohanni