News 2010


Senna (Hold me Tigh from Saunajaakko) and Christina competed in Denmark obedience’s winners-class and they won the competition with almost full points.

Senna’s race performance can be check here.


Kiri’s hips information came to kennel club. Elbows are 0-0 but hips are C-C-


Jösta got doble zero in Turku’s competition with positions 4th and 2nd.


Träp and Marianne made on the weekend three clean runs, where got 2nd place in all of them. Also in other runs was quite convincing, despite of the minor flaws!


Kiri ja Tiina in second-class won with a clean run. GoodGood!


Träp and Marianne competed today in obedience-special-class and they got the first place. Good girls!

Vuk at the same time got in rotation ATT’s competition doble zero and agility certificate!

Lukka and Louisa again placed in Danish dog agility competition in winners-class. Very well L&L!!


The results of Träp from Kennel Club came back and hips are officially A-A and elbows 0-0!!!


Träp (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) went today to check the hips and everything seemed to be fine. Elbows and knees are ok and hips are pretty much A or B… Now more exciting than a formal opinion.


Rei (I Am the Walrus from Saunajaakko) and Niinu made during the weekend in Purina’s competition doble zero. In jumping they got first position and in agility 5th position. The same couple got the necessary for next year’s World Cup. Big congratulations Niinu and Reiska!!


Lukka (I Love You from Saunajaakko) and Louisa competed today in obedience-competition in Denmark, from where they got class-prize with almost full points 276,5/280.


Kiri (Taxman from Saunajaakko) and Tiina competed today in Riihimäki in agility competition getting zero and a nice second position!


Snowboard King from Saunajaakko, Into, went to his first show, where soon he won the junior-class prize. Congratulations to Taija and Into!!


Träp and Marianne competed during the weekend in Orimattila, where was decided the Salpausselä’s area championship. The saldo of Träpster’s day’s result was zero, District Championship and at the same time was filled with the required results of 2011 qualifiers. Great co-work once again, girls!


Jack russell’s Naomi (High Above from Saunajaakko) and Karoli competed in obedience-class, where they nicely got 178 points. Hard work has been recognized. Congratulations to both of you and good luck with the future goals!


Träp (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) debuted in obedience winners-class very well with its guide Marianne getting 294 points and in adition to KP won the class and was transfer to special winners-class!! Congratulations, you are just so skilled, that’s a fact!


One of the good news has stayed without hurry. In the beginning of september, Sulo (Mustakaapu from Saunajaakko) climbed with the guide Kaisa into third-class. Truly a great achievement for you, congratulations! And yes, Sulo has to get into the sweet feeling of being in king-class…


From Senna (Hold Me Tight from Saunajaakko) came today with Christina guide DANISH OBEDIENCE CHAMPION!! Congratulations Senna and Christina!!



Karak and Marianne competed in open obedience in first-class, with second position and trasfer to winners-class! Congratulations to both of you!


Träp and Marianne during the weekend, first in Riihimäki in an agility competition with zero profit and on sunday, in Hyvinkää, zero profit and second place. Nice you!


Jösta gor in Pori’s competition EVL 280,5 points and third position.


Karak’s papers arrived at the kennel club and hips and elbows are now officially B-B and 0-0 🙂


Two puppies were born today from Siiri, somehow surprisingly, several days before the expected day. Unfortunately, the only boy was dead at birth.


Träp and Marianne made two zero profits in agility competition at Järvenpää. The same couple got together the necessary to zero results for next year’s championship race.


Träp and Marianne competed today in obedience open-competition. Points were 185, position 2 and in winner-class. Good girls!


We went home after our trip to Sweden at the same time with Heikki (Heikki Helium from Saunajaakko) and Ture Ella to make jarck russells. Ella was just doing at its best and Ella finally mated with Heikki. The jack russell’ puppies hopefully are born at the end of september in week 39.


In summer holiday with Anja we went again to Sweden, where the plan was to go to agility competition and herding training, of course. Vuk and Träp (and Marianne) stayed at home  to improve their injuries, that’s why Jösta and Anja’s girls came with us to the trip.

Jösta in Sweden participated in agility competition with two zeros from jumping, where the positions were 5/126 and 6/133. From the training trip we got a new vision and nice experience… and one dog. A retired lady Öbetets Liv 11 years, moved suddenly with us to Finland and now she lives here!?!?


Kiri and Tiina in first-class zero profit and they were transfer to second-class group in competition!!!! Very well has started this co-working. Nice Tiina and Kiri!


Kiri and Tiina in first-class zero and 3rd position… Still one is left 🙂


Marianne and Träp competed in agility competition. On friday’s competition doble zero in second-class in both competitions. On saturday, a couple of open-competitios at final-class, but at night-competition’s they got again zero and 7th position.


During the weekend in Tuorla, in agility competition, we got a pile of good results. Rei (I Am the Walrus from Saunajaakko) made with Niinu as guide, zero profit in agility competition third position and got the first certificate.

Kiri (Taxman from Saunajaakko) and Tiina got their first zero profit in first-class 🙂

Träp (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) and Marianne became second in agility competition. Vuk got two zeros in agility competition.

Big congratulations to all the little children and their skilled guides!!


In Vantaa’s competition Träp and Marianne staggered in jumping-class won with 86 dogs more. Sweet congratulations for a truly fresh-sighted performance!

Also Jösta got a nice zero in agility competition.


Great weekend to Vuk and Vuk’s children!

Vuk run in competition for doble zero and zero profit and got his first agility certificate, great for Vuk, the best of the world!

Reiska-boy climbed with Niinu-guide to third-class, goodgoodgood!

Lukka-girl won third at the obedience-start and became DANISH OBEDIENCE WINNER with 272/280 points!! Congratulations and thank you, Louisa & Lukka!!


Rei (I am the Walrus from Saunajaakko) with his guide Niinu got in second-class zero profit in Tampere’s night competition. Still one zero and third-class is calling… 🙂


Lukka (I Love You from Saunajaakko) and Louisa have been competing in Denmark in two obedience winner-competitions winning both races with 270,5 and 272,5 of 280 points. Great job Louisa and Lukka!


Vuk and Jostä got both of them zero profit in BAT’s competitions. Jösta got 3rd placec and Vuk got 4th place.


Vuk’s children had a great day in Vantaa’s agility competition. Rei rose up into second-class guided by Niinu… great!

Träp and Marianne got together the necessary result including qualifiers, to make the doble zero at Vantaa’s competition! Jumping course was raked 5th and agility 3rd, where got also agility certificate. After two months in competitions Träp has gotten his results… Big congratulations to both of you for your first objective done!! What a couple you are!!


Träp and Marianne zero profit and agility in Orimatila’s competition!


During the weekend, Rei and Niinu scored on first-class with zero profit in second place, but because in the competition there was a couple of skipping ropes, couldn’t yet enter into the second. Also Marianne and Träp got on the weekend in third-class zero profit and Jösta got one zero profit in JAU competition.


Christina and Senna (Hold me Tight from Saunajaakko) competed in obedience open-class and they won both competitions with 215 point and 204 (perfect score 220). Great job Christina & Senna and good luck for the higher classes!!


Reiska and Niinu got zero profit in first-class!

Träp and Marianne got in agility competition second place and jumping certificate! Big congratulations to both of them!


Christina and Senna (Hold me Tight from Saunajaakko) competed in obedience on open-class, where they won 215,5 points (perfect score 220). Congratulations Christina!


Träp (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) and Marianne started with number three at the competitions doing very well on the weekend: two clean runs!


Great monday morning! Vuk and Träp (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) climbed the both of them with zero profit to third-class!

Marianne and Träp’s competitions’s career started just 4 weeks ago and they are already in third-class. The lower classes had zero six wins and one second place… time to go on these super girls! Big hugs for both of you!

Vuk’s been transfer to third-class again, and all the unfortunate accidents that we had have taken us out from agility competition. Neither his most loved hobby “activity” is shown. Vuk rose up the third-class at six zero profit, “all or nothing”.


Marianne and Träpster got zero profit at second-class… still one to go 🙂 Good girls!


Super-Träp and Super-Marianne won on sunday at Hyvinkää’s first-class competition and climbed to second group. The same night, a couple of competitions at second-class where also won some prizes. Wau!!


Today Träp and Marianne juggle themselves again with zero profit getting second place at Hyvinkää’s agility competition. At the same time, Vuk won second place at Turku’s competition. Good girls, good Marianne!


Vuk’s children reached the magical agility’s age and their very exciting first start was taken in Riihimäki. The first won was from Rei (I Am the Walrus from Saunajaakko) and Niinu and equal in the second track, which was won by Träpi (Strawberryfield from Saunajaakko) and Marianne. Very nice start and nice congratulations to the beginners Niinu and Marianne! And thanks also to a very exciting day!


Vuk won in TSAU competition the second place! 🙂


Heidi Helium from Saunajaakko has entered Walking Disaster’s Miss Piggyn. If in future you are interested on agility, contact Marianne:


The puppies Banjo and Hulina went to BAER-listening test and puppies-checking test. The listening test was normal and everything else seemed to be perfect. On monday the puppies are still going to a puppies-cheking test, after which they are ready to pack their small suitcases and go for a jorney to conquer the world.

Down in the picture “Pate-Baskeripää” with six weeks of age.


Vuk has been transfer to second category with zero profit.