News 2015


Joona and Rusina (Tytalwyn Kate) had amazing competition day in agility. They finished the competitions by winning all the three courses!!! Congratulations on your perfect day!!!



Reaper (S. Killer Queen) and Outi competed in obedience class 3 today. They won their class by 266,5 points . Congratulations on your great work together once again!!



Lukka and Louisa where 7th in Nordic obedience championships  individual competition and won silver in team competition!!!

Congratulations Louisa, Lukka and the whole danish team!




Lukka and Louisa won silver in Danish obedience championships today!!!!

This silver medal was their third podium place in Danish Championships.

They already had one silver and one bronze medal from earlier years. Big big congratulations and hugs to you both!!




Tero and Marianne where placed 4th in European open finals in Rieden today!!!

Huge congratulations to you both!!! You just make an amazing team together and we are so proud of you two!

DSC 5735            DSC 5763



The Finish team for Agility European Opens 2015 is now chosen. Also this year there will be two Saunajaakko dogs presenting Finland:

Saunajaakon Audi Jr “Tero” & Marianne Karjalainen

Saunajaakon I am the Walrus “Rei” & Niina-Liina Linna

—-We wish you lot of luck!! Remember to enjoy the journey!