FI TVA, TK1, FI AVA & AVA-H, PohjM3-11 Saunajaakon Strawberryfield


AGI3 Auditor od Betlémské pastviny



Träp (FI TVA, TK1, FI AVA & HVA, PohjM3-11 Saunajaakon Strawberryfield) and Audi’s (AGI3 Auditor od Betlémské pastviny) puppies, 3 males and 3 females, were born as a result of a very easy birth on 13.11.2011 in sunday’s night.

Puppy test was done before they moved to their new homes and all pups got very nice points. All the puppies were well balanced, brave and very willing to work with people. Primarily, the puppies left to agility active homes, but they will also been seen in obedience rings.

Träp, the puppies’ mum, is a very humble and well balanced bitch, who always wants to do everything right. In agility, Träp is a very smooth and confident performer. Audi on the other hand is very passionate and fast agility dog, which was though to bring to Träp a little bit of madness. At home and of work Audi and Träp are calm, friendly and totally stress-free dogs.

Both parents have A-A hips, 0-0 elbows and clear eyes. In addition, Audi and Träp are both genetically CEA healthy, se the whole litter is genetically CEA normal.

“FI AgCh & JumpCh”, EO4-15

Saunajaakon Audi JR “Tero”

Tero stayed home with his mum Träp and Marianne and Joona in Porvoo.

Marianne describes Tero: “Tero is everything I wanted. At home and he is calm and  stable. He will always work to the fullest and gives his everything. He can take lot of repeatitions and to receive feedback he just tryes harder and harder. Tero doesn’t have bad days and he doesn’t require any special motivation to start with the work. His main hobby is agility and he is very fast and althought he is quite big, he is also very elastic”.

Tero is agility and jumping champion (only show result is missing) and he keeps winning regurlary in class-III competitions. Tero has got also competed in obedience and has the right to compete in class-III.

Tero has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows. Unfortunately he is missing one testicle.

Tero and Marianne 1./281. in Finish Championships jumpingcourse


TK2, TK3, TK4, WC3-16, NordCh-16, SM2-17, NORD3-17, BH, JK1

Saunajaakon Alfa Romeo “Hurja”

Hurja is eager and passionate, but at the same time very obedient and precise worker. Hurja tries always his best, that’s why it is so rewarding to practice with him. Hurja praises with the name of the toys. Hurja is always ready to do, the harder we run, the more satisfied Hurja is. To Hurja it has always been very easy to work to our expectations, but not doing anything has been much harder thing for him. Today Hurja knows how to relax at home when we are not doing anything.

Hurja’s main hobby is obedience:

2014 Finish championships 9th place in individual and SILVER in team competition.

2016 World Championship BRONZE in individual competition and GOLD in team competition. And they also won GOLD in Nordic Championships individual competition.

2017 They won SILVER in Finish Championships individual competition and GOLD in teams. In World Championships they where placed 8th and won GOLD in team competition.

Hurja in WC finals 2016:

Hurja has the needed results to Finish Obedience Champion title, only missing the show result. He was 9th in his first Finnish Championships and got silver medal in team competition 2014. In same year their team also won gold in district championships.

Hurja is competing also in working dog trials in Tracking (BH, JK1).

In agility Hurja competes in class 1.

Hurja has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows, as well as healthy back and shoulders. Unfortunately he is missing one testicle.


Saunajaakon Aston Martin “Hups”

Hups is very well balanced, happy and very willing to to work for the handler type of dog. His owners are Terhi and Mikko Hakala. Hups is competing in agility class-III, just like their older Spanish waterdogs Zili and Flip.

Hups has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.


Saunajaakon Lexus “Ixi”

Ixi is very happy, eager and always ready to play. Ixi likes obedience with her owner, Maija Virta. Ixi likes children and comes along with everyone. At home she really knows how to relax.

Unfortunately Ixi seems to have a illness called Border Collie Collapse, that caused overheating when training at younger age. Now at the ripe age of four Ixi is training actively rally obedience, dog frisbee, dog dancing, agility and tracking without any symptoms of BCC.

Ixi has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.


Saunajaakon Lotus “Prime”

Prime is very social, kind and eager bitch, who likes agility, swimming and running with other dogs. At home, she is very easy to have around and he knows how to calm down. New and weird things can be sometimes hesitant to, but usually he adapts to them quickly. Her owner Päivi Karjalainen describes Prime to much like her mum Träp.

Prime trains agility with Päivi and competes in the highest class.

Prime has B-B hips and 0-0 elbows.


Saunajaakon Lamborghini “Lego”

Lego is a playful dog, whose mission in life is to run fast. Lego has a good working-engine. She gets excited easily and takes lot of repetitions. Lego is challenging to train and teach things in a new way…her mind is sometimes bit complicated. Lego is not very greedy, so it’s best prize is a toy. At home Lego is easy to have around. She is very social with people and other dogs.

Lego’s main hobby is agility, where she competes in first-class. On summer time, Lego herds sheep and occasionally trains also search and rescue.

Lego has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.