Bamse “Bamse”

Born 11.12.2017

owner Marianne Sumela

Bamse is very selfconfident, sufficient and independent little girl. She loves to do things for herself not because she would want to please her handler. Bamse is very intense and fast when it comes to agility. She is also very flexible and uses her body well.

Bamse is imported from Scotland with her sister Aiai and brother Jim. Both their parents where sheepdogs working and competing in Scotland.

Blackbird “Aiai”

Born 11.12.2017

owner Monna Huhtanen

Aiai is a tiny little girl, just above the medium high. Her mother is also really small and grandmother even tinyer, both of them working on a sheepfarm. Aiai is very brave, selconfident and happy little girl. She loves everyone and everything. She likes to do things with lot of speed, but at home she is very calm and easy to have around.

Aiai was imported from Scotland with her sister Bamse and brother Jim.

Garth Fire “Liina”

Born 8.7.2013

Hips A-A, elbows 0-0, Back: LTV0 and SP0 (no signs of any abnormalities). CEA-carrier.

owner Terhi Leonsaari

Liina is very active and playful little bitch. She might be small but she is full of speed, action and attitude. She is imported from Wales, but she could easily be my Vuk´s puppy…they are just so much alike.

Liina loves to work and thinks she is at least world champion in everything she does. In agility  she moves fast and turns tight. She is very intense, but also a good listener and thinker when working. Liina competes in agility class 3.

Liina had one litter with Kitacan´s Kyz in 2017.

PPR1, Paim1, Paim2 Penywern Ebba ”Ebba”

Born 8.3.2013
Hips A-A, elbows 0-0
owner Sanna Lehtoaro

Ebba is active and strong bitch with tons of fighting spirit. Se is very willing to co-operate in work and everyday life, but the same time she can take lot of correction from the handler and still keep on working like nothing happened.  She is also very intense worker and sometimes needs calming down to work at her best.

Ebba had a litter with Smash in summer 2016.

Paim1, Paim2   Kemi Lee ”Lee”

Born 24.2.2012
Hips A-A, elbows 0-0
owner Anne Talasmäki


Lee is a lovely bitch. She is very fast and intense when working, but also very easy  and pleasant dog to have around when not working. Lee is herding and doing obedience with her owner Anne.

Lee has one litter with Akerborg Pyro.

FI AgCh & JumpCh     Tytalwyn Kate ”Rusina”

Born 26.5.2011
Hips A-A, elbows 0-0
owner Joona Sumela

Rusina is very lively and social girl. She competes in agility with her owner Joona, but also seems to have talent for flyball, obedience and herding.