Uni & Zenn

FI AgCH, PPR1, PAIM1 Saunajaakon Smooth Criminal  x  Inflight Livin The Now


XXXX3292  zenn

5.10.2015 due to a bit unlucky  frozen semen insemination,  a litter of two pups was born. One girl and one boy.

Both parents have huge amount of drive and are very cool headed workers, who are giving their best on agility courses. Zenn is young agilitydog from US, who has many agility, flyball and working dogs in his pedigree.

Uni has A-A hips, 0-0 elbows, clear eyes and she is CEA DNA clear by parents.

Zenn has B-B hips, 0-0 elbows, clear eyes and he is TNS and CL DNA clear, but CEA carrier.

Saunajaakon Dream Catcher  “Sori”


Tricolor bitch called Sori who stayed home with mama Uni.

She is active (totally crazy ;-)) little girl, very eager to work with you already at very young age. Will do anything for a treat or toy.

Owner Mila Oravecz


Saunajaakon Your Nightmare “Roi”

roi roi

Roi is a tricolor brindle male who went living with cousin Tero and auntie Träp. He will be Marianne´s next agility dog.

Roi is perfect little boy, loving everyone and specially his food and toys :-).

Owner Marianne Karjalainen