POHJ & FIN & SE & NO TVA JK3 BH Tending Cantrip &
GK Vallh Llanfarian Jim


Vuk and Jim’s puppies, 2 males and 3 females, were born on 4.8.2008. Two puppies live in Denmark as obedience dogs, and three puppies live in Finland and they competing actively in agility. Today all pups are champions from at least one or two hobbyes. In addition, this litter have two medals in Nordic Championships: Lukka is Obedience Nordic Championships Silvermedalist 2012 and Träp is Agility Nordic Championships bronze medalist 2012.

Whole litter is CEA free by parent´s DNA test results.


FI TVA, TK1, FI AVA, FI HVA, PohjM3-11
Saunajaakon Strawberryfield “Träp”

Träp is very humble and likes to be in contact with the handler, but there is also plenty of fighting spirit. Träp has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows and knees. This tricolored bitch is owned by Marianne Karjalainen from Porvoo.

Marianne’s old competition dogs are Russells who were competing in highest class in agility AgCh, SM2-08 Vili and AgCh Hulina. With Träp Marianne is also doing agility and obedience. One year old Träp got the required results for TK1 and at the age of two became Obedience Champion.

When they started competing in agility, Träp collected the necessary results in four weeks to the highest-class in agility. Two months after, Träp and Marianne received all the needed  results to take part in Finish Championships and the  tryouts for the national team. In 2011, Träp was placed 4th in the national qualifiers and they represented Finland in the Nordic Championships. Träp and Marianne performed very well and they where placed third in Individual Nordic Championships. Three year’s old Träp also became agility and jumping champion, and she had her first litter under the prefix on Saunajaakon.

Saunajaakon Taxman “Kiri”

Kiri is dark faced, active and very lightly built male . The owner is Tiina Koistinen who lives in Riihimäki. Kiri has unfortunately C-C hips and 0-0 elbows. By nature Kiri is brave, social and very keen worker. His main hobby is agility, where he competes in national level and has gained titles agility and jumping champion.

In the family there are four border collies and they all compete in agility: AVA Haka and AVA, HVA Juju and younger boys Sisu and Into.

LP1 LP2 LP3 DK LPCH, DK ELCH, DM3-11, PohjM2-11, DM2-12
Saunajaakon I Love You “Lukka”

Lukka is a small and well balanced tricky puppy. The owner is Louisa Wibroe from Denmark. Lukka has unfortunately C-D hips and 0-0 elbows. They will have obedience as their main hobby.

Louisa’s older bordercollie Thekla is Obedience Elite Champion and competes in agility and jumping is third-class.

Lukka started the obedience career at the age of 10 months old and before 2 years old became Obedience champion in Denmark. Three years old Lukka came third at Denmark’s Championship and second in Nordic Championship, not a bad year ;-). Four years old Lukka won silver in Denmark’s obedience Championships .


Saunajaakon I am The Walrus “Rei”

Rei is a black and with and big male. The owner is Niina-Liina Linna, from the capital’s region. Rei is very social male with lot of concentration and fighting spirit. He has 0-0 elbows, 0-0 knees and B-C hips.

Rei started to compete in agility right when he reached the needed age and moved to highest class in three months. At the age of three years, he became agility and jumping champion. With her handler Niinu they compete in national and international level in World Agility Opens (WAO) and European Open (EO).

In Linna’s family live already three competitions dogs who are in agility third-class: AVA Rimi, AVA Rhett and AVA Piru. Also Niinu and Rei’s main hobby will be agility.

Saunajaakon Hold Me Tight “Senna”

Senna is very passionate and fast black and white dog. The owner is Christina Ingerslev from Denmark. Senna’s hips are unfortunately D-D and elbows 0-0.

Christina’s main interest is obedience, where she has competed already many years with different dogs at Denmark’s national team. With Senna they also focus in obedience. Senna’s obedience competition career started with one year old winning in the class with almost full points.  Senna became Danis obedience champion before two years old and Elite Champion at three years old. They have represented Denmark many years in their national team in obedience.

Christina has also two older bordercollies Komma and Chillie, who are both Obedience champions.