Vuk & Key



Vuk (POHJ & FIN & SE & NO TVA, JK3, BH, AGI3 Tending Cantrip) and Key’s (GK Vallh PR Seemework Key) puppies were born 31.3.2011. Two boys and two girls.



Saunajaakon Beat It “Vito”

Vito is lively, brave and very combative male puppy, who lives with Elina Pesonen and her family in Kokkola. Vito and Elina’s main hobby will be In working dog trials, but Elina has also some interest in obedience. In the family there is also an older bordercollie male, who competes with Elina in obedience.

Vito has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.


Saunajaakon Speed  Demon “Hugo”


Hugo is very co-operative and brave tricolored male who lives with Ikäheimonen’s family and competes with Taneli in agility class-III and working dogtrials. Taneli’ older dog Pantse competes in agility and working dog trials, both in upper classes.

Hugo’s health is unfortunately not been quite according with the whises. His other teste if missed. He has C-C hips, 0-0 elbows and at the age of 8 months he had an analysis on both shoulders OCD.



Saunajaakon Smooth Criminal “Uni”


Uni is a small tricolored bitch, independent and highly concentrated worker. She is my agility and herding dog. And sometimes we use her in hunting too :-).

Despite her young age, she is very talented and fast agility dog. My pride and joy!

Uni has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.

Saunajaakon Bad “Yoda”

Yoda was a very promising bitch puppy with dazzling personality. Yoda lived with Anna-Kaisa Leino and her water dogs Aida and Dia to Helsinki.

Unfortunately Yoda died in surgery complications only at the age of six months due to a lack of proper caretaking by the treating vet.