Vuk & Tiger


Pohj, NO, SE, FIN TVA, JK3 BH Tending Cantrip &


Vuk was mated in Denmark to a two years old male dog named Tiger. After a very smooth and easy delivery, Vuk gave us 2 females and 3 males.

Tiger, is a two years old danish male who, at the age of two, has taken part in World Championships and Nordic Championships in obedience. And he also won the Denmark’s Obedience Championship, he was selected as the dog of the year in obedience and became  Nordic Obedience Champion. All this at the age of two :-).

Tiger’s grandfather on mothers side is Tony Ottesen`s well-known sheepdog Bob, who has left a healthy and much likes puppyes in herding and in other sports too. Tiger’s dad is the international and Nordic Obedience Champion Pluto, who competes in obedience in Norwegian national team level and also does herding. Pluto’s descendants have been very healthy. Tiger and his siblings have all healthy  hips and elbows and clear eyes. Tiger has A-A hips, 0-0 elbows, clean back, clear eyes. Tiger has been tested CEA carrier in gene studies. Vuk has also A-A hips, 0-0 elbows and knees, healthy and clean back, clear eyes and she has been tested healthy in the CEA gene studies.


Saunajaakon Killer Queen “Reaper”

  reap reaper istuu

Reaper is brave, lively and intently  working bitch, who lives with Markus Turunen.

Their main hobby is agility, but Reaper is also training and competing in obedience with Outi Kaikkonen.

Reaper has A-A hips and 0-0 elbows.



Saunajaakon Show Must Go On “Wiima”

Wiima is a tricolor-brindle colored bitch who is naturally brave, active little princess with lots of fighting spirit. Wiima lives at Maisa and Oskari Kosola’s home in Ylöjärvi and she is going to be Maisa’s new agility and obedience dog.

Wiima has B-B hips and 0-0 elbows.



Saunajaakon One Vision “Jedi”

jedi jedi3 jedi1 pics: Maarit Karhu-Teiskonen

Jedi is also a tricolor-brindle coloured male puppy. With Jedi you get lots of everything: enthusiasm, energy, fighting spirit and legs :-). He is very much  like his dad Tiger. Jedi lives in Turku with Jenni and bc-Lilo.

Their  main interest with Jenni is obedience where they have the right to compete in the highest class. Also herding and working dog trials interest Jenni.

Jedi has C-D hips and 0-0 elbows. Unfortunately his other testicle never descended.

Jedi training obedience



Saunajaakon Breakthru “Into”

into2 into

Into is brave, eager and balanced male puppy. Into moved with his older brother Kiri (puppy from Vukś first litter) and Tiina and Veijo Koistinen’s family in Riihimäki. Into and Tiina’s passion is agility, like all of their previous dogs.

Into is 52cm and 17kg.

Into has B-B hips, 0-0 elbows. Into is CEA carrier, TNS and CL normal.

Saunajaakon Radio Ga Ga “Mambo”

Mambo was independent, self-sufficient and calm puppy. Now as a young age, Mambo is very pleasant, playful dog who obeys nicely also to the family’s children. Mambo lives with Kirsi Mäkimattila and her family in Joensuu. Mambo will be trained for working dog trials.

Mambo has B-B hips and 0-0 elbows.